Special Approval and Prohibitions of issuing Licence


See below asome samples of certain activities that require “special approvals”.

Central Bank of the UAE- Banks and financial institutions required clearance

Dubai Municipality ( Environment Protection Section)- Tents, awnings and Tarpaulin manufacturing required approval

Ministry of Health – Pharmaceutical and medical products trading

Dubai Maritime City – Cargo Clearing, Cargo packaging, Canal dredging contracting and Fishing cages manufacturing

Municipality – Contracting and Building Maintenance and related must be cleared

Road and Transport Authority – Transportation and vehicle rental

Ministry of Finance and Industry – Manufacturing facilities

Community Development Authority – Social Club registration and licensing

Knowledge and Human Development Authority – Social Club registration and licensing

Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) – Travel and tourism activities

Dubai Sports Council – Gym and Fitness Centers

National Media Council – Printing, publishing and advertising

Finacial guarantee issued by the Bank for some trade activities like Jewellery/Insurance

The special fees and requirements:

Tourism Companies

  1. For Inbound Tourism  AED 100,000/- (On Actual) to be deposited in a UAE Bank
  2. For Outbound Tourism AED 200,000/- (On Actual) to be deposited in a UAE Bank
  3. These deposits are irrevocable till the license cancelled.


AED 100,000/- (On Actual) is to be deposited at Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing and this deposit is irrevocable till the license is cancelled.

Building Contracting Companies

AED 10,000/- (On Actual) additional fee is charged by the DED, when the license is issued initially.

General Trading

AED 15,000/- (On Actual) additional fee charged by the DED when the license issued initially.

Customs Broker

AED 50,000 is to be deposited at Dubai Customs and this deposit is irrevocable till the license is cancelled.

RTA Activities (Below fees to be paid to RTA for initial approval)

  1. Rent a Car: AED 5000/- (On Actual)
  2. Bus Rental: AED 1000/- (On Actual)
  3. Passenger Transport by rented Buses: AED 1000/- (On Actual)


Security Service: Property guard & Surveillance Services, Party security & private guarding services

Initial approval from Department of Protective Systems


Special approvals apply.


2000 square feet area is mandatory.

Telephones & Telecommunications Equipment Trading

AED 5500/- (On Actual)  to be paid at Telecommunications Regulator Authority (TRA).

Oilfield & Natural Gas related activities / Law firms

From Ruler’s Court

Money Exchange / Foreign Exchange Remittance Service

Central Bank of UAE and Department of Protective Systems


Note: The information above is subject to change at the discretion of the relevant authorities. Provided only informational purposes for you to get updated information, please contact the relevant authorities.



Prohibitions/ Product


Counterfeit money

Banknotes in circulation

Banknotes not yet in legal circulation


Decision by Israel Boycott Office prohibiting goods from Israel, bearing Israeli marks or logos

Crude ivory (ivory) and rhinoceros’ horn

Gambling tools and machineries

3-layer nylon fishing nets

Printed matter, oil painting, photograph, pictures, cards, books, magazines, and stone sculptures that contradict Islamic teachings, decency or deliberately imply immorality or turmoil

Works of art that contradict the Islamic teachings, decency or deliberately imply immorality or turmoil

Used and reconditioned tyres

Candies in cigarette form

Children’s toys in form of dinosaur, etc. consisting of lead

Toys representing animals or non-human creatures, stuffed

Toys representing animals or non-human creatures, not stuffed

Falcon hunting is prohibited from September until March each year except for:

falcons with permits under CITES Convention;

falcons bearing passports;  and

sick falcons arriving for treatment with permits from the Environment Research Authority

Ozone layer depleting substances

Halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons

Halogenated, sulphonated or nitrosated derivatives of phenols or phenol-alcohols containing only halogen substitutes and their salts

Radiation-polluted substances

Laser pens

Dangerous trash

Chopped or compressed tobacco (pan)

Swine and its products

Steel wire articles for fishing

Ferrous waste and scrap

Copper waste and scrap

Nickel waste and scrap

Aluminium waste and scrap

Lead waste and scrap

Zinc waste and scrap

Tin waste and scrap

Waste and scrap of other base metals

Waste and scrap of primary cells, primary batteries and electric accumulators; spent primary cells, spent primary batteries and spent electric accumulators